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The Talmit torch for Conlang Relay 19's Ring 1, translated from iljena by Roman Rausch, can be found here in MP3 format. The source page also contains a smooth English of the iljena text, by Roman Rausch.

Smooth English

A long time ago, two rocks were standing on top of a hill. The first one said: "I wonder what's on top of the hill." The second answered: "Being rocks, we cannot really find out." One day, a raven and a mole came to the rocks. They gr eeted each other and the rocks asked the animals to go to the top for inspection. The raven and the mole agreed and w ent. The raven flew there quickly and having returned, he said: "I flew to the top and saw a broad river." "I want to see this!" said the first rock. "You're never happy, are you?" answered the second. After a while, the mole returned and said: "I went to the top and saw lots of trees, grass and crops." "I want to go there with you!" said the first rock. "That'll make me happy" answered the second.

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