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The Feayran torch from Conlang Relay 19, as submitted to A. Ayres by David Edwards, can be found here. The English translation below is taken from the official page.

English translation

The story goes that he was going past the mountain, that Raven, and that Badger was going with him.

There were some stones on the trail.

The one stone said to the other, "Hmm, what is at the peak of the mountain?"

The other said to the first, "Oh, none of our kind know that."

Then Raven and Badger reached them.

"Excuse us," they said to the stones. "What are you discussing?"

"We are discussing what there is at the top of the mountain," the stones told them. "Aha! Go to the peak and find out for us!"

"We will indeed do as you say," said Raven and Badger, as they should have.

When Raven returned to them, he said to them, "I flew to the peak, and indeed, it seems there is a wide river there."

The one stone said to Raven, "Oh, I want to see it."

The other stone said to him, "Alas, now I am discontented."

Then Badger returned to the stones, and he said to them, "I went to the peak, and indeed, it seems there are forests, and meadows, and many other things there as well."

The one stone said to Badger, "I also want to go with you to look at it."

The other stone said to him, "Well, you must make me feel contented."

Oh, but Raven said, "Of course, you should go there with your own wings!"

Then Raven and Badger left that place.

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