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Chrys Jordan is the creator of Ndongo, the lost continent which is the subject of seven planned novels. These novels are currently in the planning stage, with the first one approximately 50% written.

Ndongo is found on a conworld known only as "the World." The continent is home to several language families, of which three are named: Ba, ‡amba#á, and Ktabe. At present time, work continues on the three languages to be used as part of the storyline. Ttuan, belonging to no known family, is spoken in Ttuan State, which controls Southern Ndongo up to the Crossroads Lake, where the Bright and Dark Rivers join together. This language is develeoped enough for basidc dialog. Tsóíò, of the Ba family, is spoken by several tribal communities of West Lower Ndongo. This language remains under construction. &an†árhi, part of the ‡amba#á family, is spoken in Western Ndongo. This language is fundamentally ready: only practice and further vocabulary will be needed. The one complication is that the language is spoken by the Lost Legion, who have been fighting a war so long that they have forgotten where their homeland is, or why the war was begun. They will speak their own language badly - analogous to (perhaps) the Lagos Pidgin, compared to standard English; or Afrikaans, in comparison to Dutch. Only now that I know how the language should be spoken, can I work on that dialect. I had to know the rules to break them.

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