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TIAL is the 3rd of my Interpersonal Auxiliary Languages. Parts of the grammar and the vocabulary are similar to those of SIAL, the 2nd one.

The phonology has more consonant phonemes, allowing for borrowed words to be more recognizable, even though some of the distinctions will still tend to merge in actual practice.

The specifically Chinese syntax peculiarities have been eliminated, along with the inversion suffix (but now restored!). While the general morphology is like SIAL's, the pronouns and particles have been mostly redone.


The word order is SVOX with most noun modifiers after the noun, where X can be adverbial or a secondary predicate (both can occur). Trivalent clauses can be dative or double-object. There's no tense or number marking. Action nominals may use both genitive constructions (subjective and objective).

Syntactical function is mostly specified by the final vowel. Lexical nouns aren't otherwise marked while lexical verbs take aspect prefixes and the inverse suffix. There are few other affixes, derivation accomplished mainly through compounds. Lexical adjectives, prepositions, and time words are classes of verbs.