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Wenn der Hanno für deine Anka gekommen ist, endet dein Leif.

Deathcat13, a.k.a. Anka, has been introduced to conlanging by Fenhl.


  • Jayus /ʒaˈjuʃ/, a colllang sketch created in a team of three: Yunta, Sara, and Labas (Sara is Deathcat13)
  • Naeso /naˈ, a colllang created by members of #conlang

Deathcat13 has also made small contributions to most of Fenhl's other conlangs, directly or otherwise.


Conlang Relay 19 — Ring 1 (in a team with Fenhl)
Naisek → Jayus — torch
This user is part of the project Naeso. We meet up to discuss changes in 'real time' in #naeso on Freenode.