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Mereð séile ar mereð ionel (hello and welcome). I am A. Ayres, a Hiberno-British conlanger currently making my daily bread teaching foreign languages to secondary school pupils, or attempting to at least. I've been conlanging since I can remember, creating my first formalised conlang some fifteen years back. Whilst my earliest efforts were generally a posteriori, most of my current conlangs are decidely a priori.

For almost a decade, I've been working on Celinese - originally a personal language, I started building public resources for it only last year, mid-2011. It is one of the scores of languages spoken in my conworld, Lorech. One day, I'll get around to describing them all, hopefully.

As well as conlanging and teaching, I enjoy composing music, creative writing, travelling, learning languages, tennis, poker and sailing.

Some resources:

Lessons and resources

Tumblr blog about Celinese

Èresig (Ayresian languages) on Facebook

Celinese dictionary

All the best,

A. Ayres