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Frathwiki: the source of information for the conlanging and linguistics community • Feel free to bring your stories and advice to the masses!

We are Oracles. Seers. We are Bridges and Beacons. We are Conlangers. -- Thaen
Welcome to FrathWiki!
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FrathWiki's goal is to collect information about conlangs, conworlds and linguistic subjects in general. Anyone can contribute to the knowledge. FrathWiki is currently home to 4,361 pages, all of which are free to use (with certain conditions).

You are invited to help! You may edit these pages and make new ones. Read the help topics to learn how to write pages here. If you need assistance, you may ask questions at Off-Topic Discussions.

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Events in the global community
  • Would you like to receive a holiday card from a conlanger or five? Sign up for the Conlang Holiday Card Exchange! It's free to sign up, and only costs you a card and a stamp! See here to sign up.
  • As more languages are added to FrathWiki during the Conlang Rescue Project, some conlangs are found to be "missing". To see the list of "lost" languages, or help bring information about them back into general availability, please click here. More will be added as the project goes on.
  • If you have translated the main page into a different language, consider using the new template {{:Main Page/Other languages}}. That way, links to new languages will automatically appear in your translation!

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