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Fenhl, a.k.a. Max Dominik Weber, is a conlanger. They are particularly interested in colllangs, as this is how they were introduced to the topic.


  • Isiko /ˈʔi.ziˌko/, a language family
    • Wyu /ˈvy.u/, a colllang created at Mensa Juniors Germany's 2008 Easter Camp
    • Batu /ˈba.tu/, a daughter language of Wyu
    • Prua /ˈpɾu.a/, a sketch, also a daughter language of Wyu
    • Aaye /ˈʔaː.jɛ/, a sketch, also a daughter language of Wyu
  • Naeso /naˈ, a colllang created by members of ##conlang
  • Haumean, a sketch of a signed alien language
  • Jayus /ʒaˈjuʃ/, a colllang sketch created in a team of three: Yunta, Sara, and Labas (Labas is Fenhl)
  • Uni /ˈʔ, the first sketch of Fenhl's personal language
    • Jajuna /jaˈ, the second sketch
    • Kizha P Qalhish /ˌki.ʒa.pə.qaˈɬiʃ/ (KPQ), the third sketch
    • Wanya /ˈwan.ja/, the fourth sketch which Fenhl developed further
  • Ęndehl, a colllang created by members of ##conlang
  • Headdesk (45555), a written language
  • Viossa /viˈɔ.sa/, a pidgin colllang (joined in April 2015, source language: Wanya)


Conlang Relay 19 — Ring 1 (in a team with Deathcat13)
Naisek → Jayus — torch
Conlang Relay 19 — Ring 2
Nesheti → Naeso — skipped
Conlang Relay 19 — Conscript ring
Kēlen → Wanya — torch
Conlang Relay 20 — Ring 2
Naupali → Wanya
LCC4 Relay — Official ring
Tmaśareʔ → Batu — torch
LCC4 Relay — Ring B
Vašt î Kûvik → Naeso — torch
LCC6 Relay — Ring 1
Ithkuil → Wanya — torch

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