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This page is a work in progress. For more suggestions on what we could or shouldn't be, leave a note on the talk page.

What FrathWiki is

Welcome to FrathWiki. FrathWiki is a free encyclopedia for descriptions of constructed languages (conlangs) and cultures (concultures). Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  • Present creations. Whether you have a detailed grammar or ethnography, a simple lexicon or guidebook, or just a short description and a link to a website, you can post it here.
  • Work together. The WikiWiki format allows anyone to edit any page, meaning anyone can help, whether in all-out collaborative creation or just proofreading your text. Every page has its own ‘talk’ page where people can leave comments and constructive criticism.
  • Teach others. FrathWiki also wants to be a resource for conlangers, conculturers, and worldbuilders. For this, we need people to contribute descriptions of topics in linguistics and worldbuilding for a creator's perspective.

Our models are sites like Wikipedia and Wikibooks.

What FrathWiki could be

  • A repository for conlang texts.
  • A place to describe well-known creations such as Esperanto or Tolkien's worlds. (If there's a way to do this without transgressing copyright and trademark laws...)

What FrathWiki Isn't

  • a whole site devoted to a particular person's conlangs and concultures
  • a place to promote your auxlang (auxiliary language, meant for worldwide use)