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Pronounced: /naˈ
Timeline and Universe: here and now
Species: humans
Spoken: #naeso
Total speakers: 9
Writing system: Syllabary
Genealogy: isolate
Basic word order: VSO
Creator: blisk, bornfor, Fenhl, MalfermitaKodo and micahjohnston
Created: from 17 September, 2010 onward
Naeso.jpg Member list
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This is the homepage of the language Naeso, a collaborative project of #conlang members. It was begun on 17 September, 2010. The separate channel #naeso was created shortly after.

Current number of active members: 1

Big Issues of the Now

This is where we discuss and vote on the important stuff. Be sure to visit this frequently!

New torches page

Since Fenhl is planning on using Naeso in other relays, the LCC4 Relay torch has been moved. The page Naeso/Torch now serves as an index of Naeso torches.


Many new glyphs and some details regarding the writing system have been and are being proposed. If and when these are voted in, we will be much closer to having a usable syllabary, rather than just a draft.

General:VotingMember listAn Introduction to Naeso
Phonology and orthography:PhonologyStressOrthographyTransliteration
Lexicon and corpus:Naeso-EnglishEnglish-NaesoProposed wordsSwadeshNamesCorpus of SentencesMath
Conlang relay torches:LCC4 Relay
This page is part of the project Naeso. We meet up to discuss changes in 'real time' in #naeso on Freenode.