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ral-ęmut sur'atkan
Pronounced: ɾalʔeĩmɯt sɯɹʔatkan
Timeline and Universe: Pears in the Sky
Species: humans
Spoken: Ettoh
Writing system: Emyt script, Latin
Morphological type: agglutinative, fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: accusative (ergative verbs)

Emyt fka. Emmut (em. ral-ęmut sur'atkan /ɾalʔeĩmɯt sɯɹʔatkan/, pol. język ęmucki) - an a priori conlang with some nostratic elements, one of the best described conlangs of Miłosz Mazurkiewicz. It has mainly agglutinative with many polysynthetic and flective elements.

The language is a part of Et (Edut) language con-family. The most related Edyt languages are Belldallud and Ymnit.

It was also thought as funlang, part of Polish group conworld project Gruszki Na Wierzbie (Pears in the Sky, lit. Pears on the Willow).


Syllables take main part in Emyt phonology. Consonants clusters are only allowed at syllables' boundaries (final + initial).

Every Emyt syllable consists of:

  • onset - initial consonant or glottal stop;
  • nucleus - oral (monomoraic) or nasal (dimoraic) vowel;
  • coda (optional) - final consonant.

There are no trimoraic syllables (eg. having nasal vowel and coda, or two final consonants):

  • da [dæ] - oral vowel; open, light syllable;
  • [dæɨ̯̃] - nasal vowel; open, heavy syllable;
  • dak [dæ̆k] - oral vowel; closed, heavy syllable.


Cardinal numerals:

  1. keh
  2. goh
  3. kekoh
  4. ruh
  5. mikan
  6. śyh
  7. keśyh
  8. veh
  9. keveh
  10. mah
  11. kemah
  12. majgoh
  13. kemajgoh
  14. majruh
  15. kemajruh
  16. majśyh
  17. kemajśyh
  18. majveh
  19. kemajveh
  20. gǫmah
  21. gǫmah keh
  22. gǫmah goh
  23. gǫmah kekoh
  24. gǫmah ruh
  25. mikmikan

For numbers: 2-4, 6-20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, ordinal numerals are formed by replacing -h with -tyt, and multiplying prefixes: with (ogonek). Multiples of 10 and 100 are formed by multiplying prefixes. Multiples of 10 000, 1 000 000 and more - by describing.

Irregular numerals

Number Cardinal
0 ah
at-, antV-
1 keh ekmut ek-, enkV-
5 mikan mikantyt mik-
25 mikmikan mikmikantyt mikmik-
100 sit sįmut sit-
1000 mąsit mąsįmut mąsit-
10 000 zyt zyty̨mut zyt-
1 000 000 nyjrem

Numbers 5, 25, 100 (from 125) i 10 000 (from 3125) are relicts of a quinary numeral system.