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This is the Tallfellow text for the LCC8 Relay's Ring 2, by Enrique Gamez.


Roser gelbogo de rum fangi sawerumb, ri safer de sri gelditar.
Ingumumb, tori de rum fangi sawerumb nambanung lawu ri de rati seslon migron.
Sal rum mondel imbor umbur wumbon flimbor ros wumbohar.
Tumbatar, migron rum biwa sesron, rum mombiln woheró ir, rum rambi ros ungihar.
Gwéro, alpar tori de rum woma im mondel birog, sal rum neri elmruf ropalil swifaril webelnd sul.

Smooth English

An unlucky young woman was traveling through a village, the sun shining intensely.
At that time, a man was also traveling through the same village leading a cougar on a leash.
He believed himself to be much more important than the girl.
Suddenly, the cougar snapped the leash, got free, and bit the girl badly.
Then, because the man was starting to feel ashamed, he covered his face with a grey cloth.

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