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This is the initial Edoki text for the LCC8 Relay, by Tobias “Slorany” Fernandez.


Am khunse meq hadawona defenes af nel.
Tenebhesemun, asen af demuse egise seses qih lo hèh afna,
feneda meq gjetew nises mèlge hetèf afhu tòde meq mèlge tòde asnògamè,
e as ebitemwe bhistwe fweto af tsadeena semon nes asaf.

Smooth English

The small girls came early to the hanging.
It was still dark when the first three or four of them sidled out of the hovels,
quiet as cats in their felt boots.
A thin layer of fresh snow covered the little town like a new coat of paint,
and theirs were the first footprints to blemish its perfect surface.

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Tobias "Slorany" Fernandez — Edoki — text
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