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This is the Daool text for the LCC8 Relay's Ring 1, by Wesley Kuhron Jones.


Tlufamllmal, azlarelafa tass!
Trlaxanal rlamefez, lu ttlennanararl undllrattla lora lum.
Rlarlu uxan, nam ssuwun ttllss.
Zlesso sottana uallanararla rlarawewuma xulla rlarlu renlana lor, nam nawamozlezum anararl uwa lissuna rllzlola fez ffra sottan.
Narlanararla dexxevezlol ssoma tlulzl, na refellevezlola nlldez.
Llna lum, rlafu arl ffrassuss, nam xan sslltl, nam zelene so ttan awlltl.
Nawll elnafuha, lu zelene rlanuxxutttlul, ttumura na lor unlum, molasarla xufrluna
Nawamozlez ffruma, uellene refellevezlola rlanlldeze, rlamefez ffra!

Smooth English

Please, y'all listen to me!
I saw the children sneaking out.
The house was dark, and they were startled.
They were carefully tiptoeing away from the house and their footprints were like those of small rat people.
They wore fur coats and leather shoes. The air is now colder and it is freezing out, and there is a white sandstorm.
The sand tells me that soon the white powder will cover the footprints of the children's smooth leather shoes!

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