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This is the High Speech text for the LCC8 Relay's Ring 2, by Justin Biggi.


dinh-cambr ahannah ka-devaren-dinh-dan-mia-tete.
dinh-sai-sele-imas penka-cha-tria-ahannah childe-mal-mia.
dash-khef-man-hodji-imas ahavah tete-talai.
visa-imas ahtrigah hodji cam-ma'sun-imas cam-mal-dash-khef-manimas.

Smooth English

The girl was the first to come to the great hall.
At the third and fourth (hour) she had come from her father's home, stricken by poverty.
A cat had taken her boots.
Her head was covered by a hood, so her body was still pure but her feet were ruined.

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