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This is the Kardii text for the LCC8 Relay's Ring 1, by Jayelinda Suridge.


E, naas vin juvap vin sh'tuii ral a kathii pikacha keha i. T'sa ty pro vusa a.
An pilimache karra i theriimi vasinla.
Hisva vor a kemo an rriana seka a.
Resva a aara fivacha. Lo mi'iata sula ist vor a.
Vres a tastu kathii mi'iatiichii seka dabia.

Smooth English

So it came to pass that the children climbed down from the place where judgements of banishment are pronounced. Surprisingly it is nighttime.
They silently leave their fragile/crooked houses,
they are like tree felines, since their feet are in furs.
The snow has just fallen, it is like fresh white paint.
Soon the children's footprints will blur the smooth pelt

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