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This is the Lortho text for the LCC8 Relay's Ring 2, by Brian Borque.


dhar harlu nuphime, haru rahishanau, malhirikhu talhenukeludan dhammunau.
koresha todha sadikhi dirnumali mofasedi talhenudan khaninau.
lahedikhi dallerime manna mekharana domanimela.
kushanaharikhi likafume ikhi mulana phapashan hana morthanikhi dirmena liharenname.

Smooth English

The king's daughter, who has had bad luck, walked toward the throne room.
At twelve, the most hard-working soldier recently went to the father's castle.
He brought a young wild cat for his difficult task.
He covered its modest face and body under a black robe and also did his worst act.

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