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This is the Satsi text for the LCC8 Relay's Ring 2, by Scott Scharlach.


Do čungabo pingun, unu defa ambwego nesu, gandora laiar do enga na tebraśupa.
Sen vulu kumbwapa mai paluś laiar do sorunembo sanda tebrema tengu śunan.
Epe yugar nenaga siva fi go gona epen kana.
Epe okara lun fon nebroka ata tatin nebroka kela nu zegwa eču, ata nera mes ganda epen nesupa.

Smooth English

The king's daughter, who used to have bad luck, walked toward the room of the throne.
This extremely hard-working soldier went towards father's castle twelve times recently.
He brought one young wild cat for his difficult task.
He covered its modest face and modest body under a black robe, and also did his very bad deed.

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