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This is the Okuna text for the LCC8 Relay's Ring 2, by Matt Pearson.


Paloi es tsuhkel moihà iklohanka.
Teusu aho lainanka.
Tsan tai es kale iklohanka paloi, na es naumà hekiynme ihiste.
Inan ampanka ne moiha inó hampi auòtohtà.
Naumama hekiyin kaie upiake ne lanté na moihai sukpe kihané.
Temai kalma mehu ekpeté.
Na kumai hemak mul patlé.

Smooth English

A misfortunate girl was going through the village.
The sun was shining brightly.
At the same time a man was going through the village leading a cougar on a leash.
He thought he was much more important than the girl was.
The cougar having suddenly broken the leash, it got free and bit the girl violently.
Then the man became ashamed.
He covered his face with a dark grey cloth.

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