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This is the complete member list of the Naeso project.

IRC nickname voting tag join date current status last seen CALS homepage
blisk BL 2010-09-17 away 2010-10-26 no none
BlueRider none 2010-10-04 visitor 2010-10-26 no none
bornfor BF 2010-09-17 away 2011-10-26 no none
Deathcat13 DC 2011-05-26 away 2011-06-26 no none
Esploranto ES away yes here
Fenhl FH 2010-09-17 active 2012-11-02 yes here
jim_henry JH away 2012-08-26 yes here
MilyAMD MM 2011-06-20 away 2012-08-27 yes none
MalfermitaKodo RJ 2010-09-17 away 2011-05-12 yes here
Lamesu LS 2011-06-08 away 2011-06-26 no here
micahjohnston MJ 2010-09-17 away no none

If you're one of the people marked as away, please pop into #naeso and let us know that you're back! Also, place some votes. (Click on your voting tag to see a list of pages that you still have to vote on.)

If you are marked with CALS, you can edit Naeso's CALS page. If you can't, sign up on CALS and tell Fenhl your username.

New members

We are accepting new contributors! If you'd like to help out with this language, just make a voting tag for yourself, and place a vote. Also, please join #naeso on Freenode and say hello! We'd be happy to have you.

General:VotingMember listAn Introduction to Naeso
Phonology and orthography:PhonologyStressOrthographyTransliteration
Lexicon and corpus:Naeso-EnglishEnglish-NaesoProposed wordsSwadeshNamesCorpus of SentencesMath
Conlang relay torches:LCC4 Relay
This page is part of the project Naeso. We meet up to discuss changes in 'real time' in #naeso on Freenode.