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Here's a list of names: personal names, family names, names of cities, seas, languages, etc. You get it.

This page has a defined section and a voting section. If you cast the final vote on a name, please move it up to the defined section. If you vote against a suggestion, please provide another one.


This vote has been moved to Transliteration.

Quoting or marking of names

Names that look sort of like native Naeso words get marked by some disambiguating (prepositioned) article. (which one?)


  • Babel: Babel
  • Bingen: Binhgium
  • Blisk: Bilisuku
  • BlueRider: Gelaida
  • bornfor: Balanfal
  • Chomsky: Tsomseki
  • English: Inhlisi
  • Europe: Eupa
  • Fenhl: Fenuel
  • Germany: Alemanni
  • Greenberg: Pembegu
  • Grimm: Gelim
  • Groningen: Goninh
  • Hildegard: Ildegal
  • James, Jim, Jacques, Diego, Iago, etc: Iako
  • jim_henry: Jaeku
  • MalfermitaKodo: Nhukodo
  • Micah: Mika
  • Paris: Lutetsia
  • Sapir: Saepi
  • Tolkien: Tolkin
  • Whorf: Uofa
  • Zamenhof: Zameno



Usa — 2/0 (FH,BF,/0)
Usania — 1/2 (LS,/FH,BF,)
  • I like Benjamin Franklin's idea of "Usania" (/,ju"zajn"i,a/), back when the US's Founding Fathers were working on a shorthand for "The United States of America." It looks like an actual country's name, rather than an acronym.
    • Please note that this would be pronounced differently than the other IPA; instead, it would be /,u"sa"ni,a/, if that makes sense. ~LS
    • I just realized a difference that I should note, in the pronunciation of "Usania:" it would have to be /,u,sa,ni"a/. Sorry about that. ~LS
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