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This is where we'll put proposed and approved sentences in Naeso, exemplifying the uses of words and suffixes and grammatical structures.

If something hasn't yet been voted in, but you use it here anyway, please please please link to the relevant vote.


If you're not sure how to format a sentence gloss, see the Leipzig Glossing Rules.

The following abbreviations are Naeso-specific and don't appear in the Leipzig list.

  • MB — morpheme boundary
  • INC — inceptive aspect
  • NEW — someone who has just joined the conversation (as in pae)
  • OLD — someone who has been part of the conversation for a while (as in tha)
  • T — temporal preposition

Proposed Sentences

tthaikitsel bu kunoypavi sibi.

eel-with TOP hovercraft 1SG-GEN

My hovercraft has eels in it. — 3/0 (FH,BF,MM,/0)
My hovercraft has eels on it. — 3/0 (FH,BF,MM,/0)
  • I like the ambiguousness of having both be accurate. BF

Accepted Sentences

sanzuja ku si pan soenu.

read-PRF A 1SG FOC book

I finish reading the book (at some unspecified time, but probably recent past). — VOTED IN

lavao'am ku Jaeku va zaevu.

write-MB-PROG A Jim P sentence

jim_henry is writing a sentence. — VOTED IN

zelthizo ku lynh va do.

make-INC A we;INCL P language

We are beginning to make a language. — VOTED IN

eana pan pae!

hello FOC 2SG;NEW

Hello! (said to someone who's just joined the chat) — VOTED IN

kal pan tha!

goodbye FOC 2SG;OLD

Goodbye! (said to someone who's been on the chat for a while) — VOTED IN
  • The above are proposed more-formal variants of basic "Eana!" and "Kal!"

zelthija ku si va jan.

make-PRF A 1SG P word

I have (just) made a word/words. — VOTED IN

sunhsa'am ku si va silzu.

edit-MB-PROG A 1SG P page

I am editing the (wiki) page. — VOTED IN

sifi benh bu dakai.

unreliable again TOP network.

The network is unreliable again. — VOTED IN

tseltsinh sinte syn kunoypavi pan tthaikin.

contain full in hovercraft FOC eel-PL

My hovercraft is full of eels. — VOTED IN

jia ku y panli onan pfe bam inhthaja syn kunoy nhu, bam mansu so inna?

Speak A 2SG FOC-Q man or;EXCL REL enter-PRF P vehicle public, REL sit LOC that

Are you talking about the man who just entered the subway or about the man who is sitting there? — VOTED IN

sou benh ku si so ua fui poynh?

be again A 1SG LOC this T Q?

"I'll be back in a" what? — VOTED IN
  • The original text was What's bbiab? Be back in a ¿?, in other words, What does the last 'b' stand for?Fenhl 18:12, 23 October 2010 (PDT)
  • It seems to me it could also be glossed as "When will you I be here again?" —Jim Henry 18:36, 23 October 2010 (PDT)
    • It could, yes. —FH

jia ku tha pan poynh?


What did you say?/What are you saying? — VOTED IN
What does what you just said mean? — VOTED IN
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