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This is the NaesoEnglish dictionary, the place that defines Naeso words. Note that unlike English-Naeso, this is regularly kept up to date. Naeso is under construction, and when proposed words are voted in, they are added to this dictionary.

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Main article: Naeso/Dictionary/A

ae — yes

-am — progressive aspect suffix (it's not yet decided if the aspect suffixes are derivational or inflectional)

anka — duck

anho — leaf

aoge — earth (planet)


ba — 5 (decimal)

bam — preposition for subordinate clauses (use like this: bam verb noun noun)

baum — to know

bel — they

bendiza — goat

benh — (as an adverb) again, (as an adjective) equal, monotonous, similar

-bi — genitive suffix

-bin — genitive + plural (this is supposed to work with all plural forms: additive, collective and associative)

bu — neutral agent preposition (can be used in place of the experiencer preposition with an inanimate noun phrase, or in place of the agent or experiencer prepositions for being neutral on whether the action is voluntary)

buban — heavy

bunh — recipient (used for e.g. She gave it to me)


bveo — head

bvi — both X and Y (boolean AND)

bvini — not both X and Y (boolean NAND)

bvya — a path through the air which connects two points on solid ground (e.g. a bridge, or these stairs, but not these)


dakai — network

dana — plant (noun)

do — language

doize — conlang

dol — red

dola — fire

dovui — fish

-dun — associative plural (used similarly to English "& co.", see also the description at WALS)

dy — 2 (decimal)

dyi — small


djuvu — world

djy — yellow


dzael — good

dzala — to support a position, to agree with, to vote for

dzo — and/or (boolean OR)

dzoni — neither…nor (boolean NOR)


eana — Hello

eljy — to propose

ete — to give birth


fambu — to disagree with, to vote against

fao — across, through, anything that does not start or end there but is there sometime in the process

fel — 9 (decimal)

fisa — to like

fui — temporal preposition (This can be used for stuff like four weeks ago or next month. How exactly these will be translated is not yet defined.)

fusil — cold


gel — blue

gelan — water

gi — 4 (decimal)

-gy — imperative mood


ian — cat

ilki — IRC

-im — desiderative, suggestive, required mood (in contrast to imperative/command mood) (e.g., We should have a word for that, we need to have a word for that!)

inatuesu — welcome

inna — that

inhtha — to enter, to connect

ionh — to consume (eat, drink, etc — not read, buy, etc)

ipu — he/she/they (third person singular, participant in current IRC chat)

ize — self-made


-ja — perfective aspect suffix (it's not yet decided if this is derivational or inflectional)

jan — word

jane — family

jani — goodbye, see you tomorrow

je — she

jen — experiencer preposition (marks an animate noun phrase whose referent is involuntarily undergoing a process or in a state denoted by the verb, e.g. "He sleeps")

jensi — beautiful

jia — to speak/say/type a block text in IRC

jim — purple

jithi — white

-jua — how (to be used as a verb affix)


kain — black

kal — bye / see you

kaminhto — to marry

ke — it

kelsa — to participate in a chat

kemga — body

kemsu — child, offspring (not restricted to humans)

kim — from (moving out of or away from, e.g., I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee; contrast with proposed source prepositions)

kinha — to start something

ku — agent preposition (marks the noun phrase whose referent is doing the action of the verb deliberately, e.g. "She hits it")

kunoy — vehicle

kunoy nhu — public transportation vehicle (bus, train, subway, …)

kunoymeumi — spaceship

kunoypavi — hovercraft, balloon, dirigible

kunoytemya — airplane, dirigible

ky — pronoun for last (most recent) line of chat

kyba — house, building, permanent structure

kyba kunoypimumbi — public transportation station (train station, bus station, …)


lavao — to write

-li — interrogative mood

lilaifu — mythos, real life

lol — to laugh

luena — Farewell/Sayonara

lynh — inclusive we (speaker and addressee(s), possibly others as well)


mansu — to sit

meumi — to fly (ballistic flight)

min — subjective genitive/oblique agent preposition (used for e.g. my joining the IRC channel, the editing of the wiki page by you

mina — to go, to walk, to drive, etc.

mina tsia — to go fast, to run, to race, etc.

mivo — human being

mym — instrumental preposition


-n — additive plural (after a vowel)

naesa — earth (material)

naeso — local

najan — another (of the same kind); more, extra

ni — no

-ni — negative

non — to (in the direction of, to a person, to a place)

nugo — to ask someone to (bam) do something, to ask someone, whether…

nunh — orange


nha — hi

nhu — public, free (free as in "free software", not "free of charge")


on — man (adult human male)

ona — woman (adult human female)


pae — you (singular, someone who recently joined the IRC channel)

paja — As an equivalent of Esperanto farti, this verb means to be (well, ill, healthy, sick, etc.)

pan — focus preposition (marks the object of an agent or experiencer's attention, e.g. "He looks at it" or "She remembers it")

pavi — to hover, float in midair, fly

pem — green

pimum — public, common, non-private, objective

pinh — to attract someone's attention, to ping

piuda — computer

poynh — interrogative pronoun

pu — 3 (decimal)

pyobo — big


pfe — either X or Y / X unless Y (boolean XOR)

pfeni — either both X and Y, or neither X nor Y (boolean XNOR)


sanzu — to read

se — 0 (decimal)

si — I, singular

-sie — very

sifi — unreliable

silzu — page (of website); section, chapter (of book); round (of game)

sim — exclusive we (speaker and others, not including listener(s))

sinte — full

so — locative preposition

soa — pronoun for last (most recent) line of chat posted by the speaker

soenu — book; major online document like a conlang's grammar

sou — to be

sunhiti — to vote

sunhsa — to edit, change, modify, tinker with

syn — in (located inside of)


tadaneama — long (temp.)

takam — chatroom

takamti — IRC or more generally any network or site with multiple chatrooms/fora

tampfy — elephant

tau — for, with the intent of, to <verb> (This can be used as a normal preposition, e.g. tau gelan = "for water" or like bam to start a subordinate clause, e.g. "To bake <food>, you need <ingredients>" = <need> ku y pan <ingredients> tau <bake> va <food>)

teinen — private, subjective, idiosyncratic

temya — to fly (powered/guided flight, as birds, butterflies, airplanes, dirigibles)

teono — name

-ti — collective (a systematic grouping of things, not just more than one of them; kind of like Esperanto "-ar")

-tu — question marker / interrogative mood suffix

tue — objective genitive/oblique patient or focus preposition (used for e.g. the editing of the wiki page by you, during my watching of Star Trek)

tum — whether (to be used like bam)

tyma — he/she/they (third person singular, non-IRC-member)

tynh — other; else; different; another (of a different kind)


tha — you (singular, someone who's been part of the conversation for a while)

thana — to thank

the — he

thenh — earth (material)

tho — 1 (decimal)

thyl — source preposition (used for e.g. I bought it from her, She gave it to me)


tsa — 8 (decimal)

tsam — to cut

tsel — with (noun suffix)

tseltsinh — to contain

tsia — fast

-tsun — intention

tsylua — to fight


tthaiki — eel

tthuy — evil


ua — this

uan — dog

-un — additive plural (after a nasal/liquid)


va — patient or object-of-result preposition (marks a thing affected by the verb's action, or brought into existence by it, e.g. "She hits it")

vo — 6 (decimal)

vui — to fish


y — you (familiar, singular)

yl — he/she/they (third person singular, sometime IRC member who is offline at the moment)


zaevu — sentence

ze — undefined third person singular

zelthi — to make, create, invent

-zo — inceptive aspect suffix (it's not yet decided if the aspect suffixes are derivational or inflectional)

zu — 7 (decimal)

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