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Because Naeso is a collaborative project, it is necessary to work along with other people. Voting allows us all to have a voice in the creation and direction of this language, and keeps things fair.

Note: As of November 2012, I am the only active member in this project. By the rules created earlier, this means I can decide on the project by myself. From now on, this voting system will only need to be used for changes on the voting system. The language itself can be changed at will by any member. —Fenhl 10:30, 2 November 2012 (PDT)

At the moment, there are 1 people who are actively working together to create this language. 1/2 = 0.5. Majority is defined as half plus one, so 0.5 + 1 = 1.5. For the sake of everyone's sanity and the continued longevity of our language, we have decided to round the number that constitutes majority down instead of up — so if 1 people decide they agree on something, it's considered majority and official.

An active member is someone who has voted within the last 30 days. To make sure that you will be counted as an active member in the future, please update your "last seen" date on the member list when you place a vote.

How to vote?

If you're away for a while and come back, it can be confusing sometimes to tell where we are. Voting tags and numbers help you figure this out.

If you see a number like 2/1, then you should understand that 2 people have voted yes, and 1 person has voted no.

When you are editing the page you will see something like:

{{V|Naeso does XY|date=2038-1-19|RJ|y|FH|n|BF|y|JH|n}}

This renders as:

Naeso does XY — 2/2 (RJ,BF,/FH,JH,)

Note that the above example has the additional argument o=nocat to avoid listing this page in voting categories.

To vote, simply add your voting tag, a pipe (|) and either y or n.

If inactive people count towards majority, we run into problems such as the very low activity in the last few months. We made it a rule that only active members have full voting rights: each vote is over after 30 days. If someone hasn't voted on a given issue in this timeframe, they have missed their opportunity. A feature has been added to the vote template to mark the starting date of each vote. When you create a new vote, please put the current date (formatted y-m-d) in the vote. (See also the example above.) That way, we know when voting is over.

Finding things you haven't voted on

There is an automatically generated category with all pages that have votes you haven't voted on. The voting tags in the member list link to them. If you do not have this kind of category yet, please ping Fenhl about it.

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This page is part of the project Naeso. We meet up to discuss changes in 'real time' in #naeso on Freenode.