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Tirina text

Hin anasinasda weminda sar nademaladida ha sadarn ko analenahida lid, "Todohialewı' enoduke me'es frosa uwo tonikara lid tal tasenil seto?"

"Totifıdmir enwuron ni me'es."

"Tonpir tasenil nimes loa?"

"Toalewımir me iran toepilanmir me ada iran nama doya'atol yai."

"Du towufrafernlemir me'es mue sar tonasralemir almes mue iran tononikamir mue enkotara me'el israd. Iser du toalekarulemir me'es ko tonikerulemir mue sar toatonpaslemir idkasel me'es. Misatilmir yedi nimes!"

"Misasinas seto ko mispresi on!"

"Umohalinmir almes ato yedil aotol nume karin ke merupas."

"Mofranisada kel iran iser mome'konlelin torin mue ote totekimir mue me'es."

Rae lid, toalenahidamir me lid, "Tonikarada edir eki sipran."


When the general arrived, she got an overview and said, "What are you trying to achieve, by you few soldiers moving here?"

"We want to defeat you."

"Where are your other soldiers?"

"They are trying to find a woman that the river is quicker than."

"If you help us, we will be able to decide to allow fighting on this province. But if you turn against and betray us, you will certainly die. Put away your bow!"

"You come and get it!"

"Our arrows are enough to dye the sky black."

"That already happened, but the shadows will protect us while we attack you."

After this, they said, "A man with a message has gone."

The messenger left.

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