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I'm protondonor on CWS and CBB. My conlangs include:

Kaimen Keling - Finno-Permic language spoken in Scandinavia during the late Bronze Age

- Giskain Kel - Kaimen Keling descendent spoken by Eastern European tribes during the Migration Period, notable for being the first Bible translation into a Uralic language

- Old Voddan - Kaimen Keling descendent spoken throughout medieval Scandinavia and its main literary language during that period

Kolyma Ainu - Ainu language spoken on mainland Siberia, on the northern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk

Mani - Ngerupic language of southwestern Miraria, on Sahar, spoken approximately 2500 years before present

- Ndxiixun and Maypawh - modern Ngerupic languages descended from Mani (both are very much under construction)

Ngeyv - East Mirarian language of far northwestern Miraria, on Sahar; the closest expression of my conlanging id that there is

Wedokwa - a priori language spoken in a Death Valley-like environment, pretty much a scratchpad for me to put in whatever I want