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Dubarne text

Sow cu deboiz, mé yén balox mow hrin os cadru ken. Medat:

—Ai mow spogeli ap, héw quo azi hnile? Sirp ai hnégile zeir uvoip, baloc. Pro, néukermé héw mé spogeli? Or, sacqué noi cur piettas ogribusi, mow dammir énkigaom! Cré noy, “Nohti ay hnési coléw ap, uvér hnégile such pingas éjonca ap cur uvoyausa un. Néux i hulkio ap, uvér foich hni aye un.”

—Chavur roun, chavulid, savéwcquo!

—Cré noy, “Médur hni! Kéhtur ose!” Pro, deduocr sow oilaz spalitcroné hnuac ken. Hrin ay un, “Subadi, kéh noy ose fajiz! Sow conich – muoc né zowac, sacqué pietta ogribusi talahom i.


Once upon a time, someone come to tell the duke a story. She asked “What did you do to us, you and the soldiers? Duke, you conquered us. But what did the soldiers do then? They ran into the woods after a little girl, but they failed! They called “If you help us, we will agree to let you live in this land we’ve invaded – but if you disrespect us, we will kill you.” Longbow – short bow – quiver! They called “Come on, take her away!” But then our arrows darkened your sky. Of course, the gods are protecting me! Perhaps, but either way the girl escaped into the woods.”

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loglorn - Däldlen - torch

cedh - Ndok Aisô - torch - full torch and gloss

Sḿtuval - Classical Kauzic - torch

Iyionaku - Caelian - torch

allynnidalar - Tirina - torch

elemtilas - Querenaran - torch

Jackk - Dubarne - torch

protondonor - Mañi - torch - full torch

Adarain - Mesak - torch

Linguifex - Classical Ngade n Tim Ar - torch

Boehijt - 2xthe - torch

DesEsseintes - Ullxānthaxt - torch

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