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The Grammar of Khangaþyagon

Khangaþyagon is a language that I have created as part of the setting of a fantasy novel. It is the original language of the world (Huna) on which it is spoken, and thus the only one that can be used for magical spells. As such, its use was preserved by wizards when other languages diverged from it.

Links to texts can be found in the dictionary, where they're used as example citations. Have a look at the talk page to see what other conlangers think of my efforts, and add your own views.

A quick summary of Khangaþyagon's main features can be found at CALS.


  1. Phonology and Script
    1. Consonants
    2. Vowels
    3. Phonotactics and Stress
    4. The Bukhstav
  2. Morphology
    1. Verbs
    2. Nouns
    3. Adjectives
    4. Numbers
    5. Adverbs, Pronouns and Conjunctions
    6. Derivational Morphology
  3. Syntax
    1. Basic Word Order
    2. Pronouns
    3. Subordinate and Complement Clauses
    4. Questions, Commands, Conditionals and Counterfactuals
    5. Syntactical Miscellany
  4. Texts
    1. The Babel Text
    2. Kæshroþrast Summons a King
  5. Dictionary
    1. Khangaþyagon to English
    2. English to Khangaþyagon

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