Khangaþyagon Phonology

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Phonology and Script

Phonology is the aspect of Khangaþyagon grammar that will be most familiar to English speakers. The phonemic inventory and syllable structure are mainly based on English and German. The native script is also based on a Germanic model, partly because runic scripts appear to have been used in magical practices.


  1. Consonants
    1. Basic Inventory
    2. Phonemic Geminates
    3. Syllabic l
  2. Vowels
    1. Short Vowels
    2. Long Vowels
    3. Diphthongs
    4. Tense/lax Distinction
    5. Schwa
  3. Phonotactics and Stress
    1. Phonotactics
    2. Stress
  4. The Bukhstav

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