Conlang Relay 20

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Conlang Relay 20 was run by relay master Chrys Jordan, with help from Fenhl. It was advertised in multiple communities, and started on 2012-11-03. The original text was in &an†árhi for Ring 1, and Ttuan for Ring 2, hence the quirky names for the two rings.

Ring 2 was split into a conscript part (first half) and an xenolang part (second half), with a few "normal" torches in between. This marks two firsts in conlang relay history: first xenolang ring and first split ring.

In the initial stages of the relay, the game's progress was also being mirrored to Ndongo Central.

After a promising start, several people had to drop out, and others had to be skipped because of communication problems, making it one of the most unsteady relays so far. Torch 1 finally returned to the relay master near the end of January 2013, and Torch 2 did so too in early May 2013. The final translations have not appeared yet, but the relay is considered finished, and the individual torches may be published now.

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Ring 1 “†orch” Ring 2 “Ttorch”
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