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The Conlang Rescue Project (or CRP) is an attempt to "bring back" information on many conlangs which was lost during the fall of LangMaker. It was begun on 20 October 2011. Currently being handled by bornfor, this project will probably bring several hundred new pages to FrathWiki over the coming whenever.

What exactly does the Conlang Rescue Project do?

bornfor recently discovered that some older versions of the LangMaker website are accessible via the Internet Archive. Seeing an opportunity to free "lost" information, bornfor has begun moving information from that archive into Frathwiki's database.

What kind of languages are having their information "rescued"?

Not all con* projects are being brought from LangMaker. Only those which have a text sample or some grammatical sketch are being brought to FrathWiki. No alternative orthographies are being brought over at this time.

What is the motivation for this project?

Some of the languages on LangMaker do not have information stored anywhere else on the net. Some of them have been mostly forgotten already. The initiator of this Project sees this as a minor tragedy, and is attempting to bring information on these languages back so that everyone can see and enjoy reading about them.

I'm an owner of one of the languages which have had pages created on FrathWiki, and I don't want it here.

Please let bornfor know, or tag the page for deletion, and it will be removed as quickly as is possible. You can easily blank the page by signing in and just deleting all the content on it, if "as quickly as is possible" is not fast enough. Blanking the page will leave a hollow page which will be deleted soon afterward.

How does one know which pages have been brought over already?

  • If you're wondering whether a specific page is here as a result of the Conlang Rescue Project, then just look for the template at the bottom of the page:

This article is part of the Conlang Rescue Project.

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 ( Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Unported License ).
Some information in this article was taken from LangMaker. (For the specific article, please see the 'External Links' section.)

  • If you're wondering how many pages have been brought over already by the Project, please check the category page.

Do you have questions or comments about the CRP?

If you do, please leave a message on this page's talk page, or on bornfor's talk page, and a response will be gotten to you as soon as possible. Any feedback is absolutely welcome.

Do you want to help?

If you would like to help, start here. This is a list of conlangs which were hosted on Langmaker. As the Project is progressing by adding languages alphabetically, languages with the first letter 'A' will be the first to have pages created here.

Things to note

  • Unless you are creating a very detailed page on a particular conlang for the CRP, please mark your new article with ' stub '. This will help later editors to identify pages which need further work.
  • Don't forget to add the template above to your page. LangMaker is licensed slightly different than FrathWiki, so it is important that we respect Jeffrey Henning's license by linking back to the original page. Adding the template also help CRP editors to keep an eye on what has already been added (so that people can concentrate their efforts on languages which lack currently available documentation. Plus, it's great to have a list of languages to glance at and know you've contributed to.
  • Regarding the above, please add an " external links" section to the bottom of your page and include a link back to the original LangMaker page from which you are retrieving your information. Any further links (such as links to a language's own home page, whether archived or not, or to a Babel text) are absolutely welcomed- and really encouraged! Remember, Frath's page for that language might be the only one on the entire Internet which is currently google-able, so the more information about a particular language, the better.
  • Tag the page thoroughly! You'll need to at least tag it into the category for conlangs. If possible, please tag it into any and all further categories. Don't exclude categories because other categories are " subcategories" (Engelang -> Loglang). FrathWiki is still young, and it's hard to get an estimate of how many languages of each type are hosted here. Until a later date, tagging each language into every applicable category will be of a great help to future organizers.