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Starting a new page from scratch is not something that wikis tend to make easy.

There are, however, three very simple ways to manage just that.

1. The Wiki Way™ is to start from pages that already exist and follow links to pages that don't exist to create them.

In practical terms, this means you can go to your user page (while logged in, click on your username in the bar across the top of the page) and add a link to the page title you'd like to create, for example [[Blastwegian]] or [[List of monarchs of Blastwegia]]. (Placing a topic in double brackets will create a wiki link. For more on wiki formatting, see Help:Editing.) After saving, the link will probably be red, indicating the page it points to doesn't exist yet. Click on it to start editing your new page.

2. Do a search for the page which you'd like to create. Most likely the search will come back with "Create the page ""PAGENAME" on this wiki!". Just click on that red link in the center to begin editing your new page.

3. It is also possible to start a new page by simply typing the corresponding URL. (Eg. set your browser for to start the page ExampleTitle).

What if the page I want already has something on it?

If the page title you want already has an article on it... things may get more complicated. Ask Muke to do something about it.