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Many ingenious people have created software tools for conlanging. In addition to this, a number of programs not originally intended for conlanging can be put to great use when creating languages. This article aims to become a comprehensive list of useful conlanging software available on the internet.

General guides to conlanging

All-purpose software

  • SIL FieldWorks - a software suite for professional linguists
  • PolyGlot by Draque (Conlang creation software with dictionary, auto conjugation functionality, grammar guide, and recordable sound examples)
  • Conlang Dictionary by faiuwle (usable, but many features are still to come)
  • Computerized Conlang Creator Project by (mainly) Praesidium and Jotomicron (probably a dead project?)

Word generators


  • awkwords by Imploder
  • Gleb (random phonology generator) by Alex Fink
  • Wordo Word Generator by Matthew Martin (web-based version of WordBuilder)
  • Gen by Mark Rosenfelder
  • Vulgar by Linguistx (full version available for purchase and download, free contains full grammar and 200 words, full contains much more customizability and 2000 words)

Downloadable to run offline

Documents describing techniques

Sound change appliers

Vocabulary managers

Syntax tools

Corpus analyzers

  • by Jim Henry -- finds frequency of words and phrases in one or more text files
  • The Frequentizer by Jan Strasser -- finds frequency of phonemes in a text corpus

Translation exercises

Free Unicode fonts

  • SIL TypeTuner Web Fonts2Go. Customizable versions of SIL Unicode fonts with glyph variants and more, e.g. if you want a wedge-shaped caron on d, l, t or a different glyph for uppercase Ŋ. Most (all?) of these variants are available as OpenType or Graphite features e.g. with XeLaTeX but a custom font is easier to work with and can be used anywhere.

Keyboard Layout editors

Font editors


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