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Nominated Language Shortlist

This is a list of the languages mentioned by name on the conlang_learners mailing list to be learned by the community. The list when complete will have the creator's name alongside the language's name, along with a link to some resources.

Key to abbreviations

  • alt - alternate history language
  • fict - language with fictional setting
  • exo - nonhuman language
  • OK - permission obtained from conlang's creator for use in this project
  • PC - conlang was proposed by its creator for use in this project
  • free - conlang is released under some suitable license so we don't need explicit permission to use it for this project
  • P? - someone needs to contact the conlang's creator and ask if they mind us using it for this project
  • U - conlang creator's whereabouts are unknown, no one has succeeded in contacting them, address unknown
  • C - conlanger contacted, awaiting reply
  • A - email address found for conlanger is bad, could not contact with that address
  • X - permission sought and subsequently denied

The List

Conlangs whose feasability is under question

Note on sites

Yahoo has announced that they're going to close Geocities later this year (2009-10-26), presumably resulting in a loss of data on conlangs (etc.) documented only on Geocities. I (Jim Henry) am saving offline copies of several conlangs' Geocities pages with wget, including all the conlangs listed above which are hosted on Geocities, plus Rex May's Ceqli. If Geocities goes down before we vote on what conlang to learn and you want copies of the Vabungula, Voksigid, Ilomi, or Adelic websites, let me know.