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Prepositions in most languages are used with nouns and pronouns to show time, place or method, usually followed by the accusative case, and some can also be used as conjunctions:

  • I am waiting for her.
  • You go along the street, turn left and the bank is opposite the chemist on the corner.
  • I’ve got nothing against him/her/them.

Common Dalcurian Prepositions

There are many prepositions and prepositional phrases but here are a few of the most widely used in Dalcurian:

  • above-viténi
  • according to-tedi facöjä
  • after (something has finished)-näø
  • after (follow behind)-retfac
  • against (the wall etc)-qöplamáriÞ
  • against (opposed to)-stæcamä
  • along with-máriÞenga
  • along, along side-enga
  • among/amongst-amést
  • apart from-repárä
  • at, at the-andri
  • behind-øatni
  • between-telemná
  • contrary to-néfaracte
  • down-stæviti
  • due to-giráte
  • except for-qiöcra
  • for, for the-öcra
  • from, out of-vön
  • in accordance with-amquarödn máriÞ
  • in addition to-amplös
  • in aid of-amégra
  • in common with-équáliÞ
  • in comparison to/with-säanta
  • in contact with-amvehénas
  • in exchange for-amqvédas
  • in front of/before-vonéri
  • in lieu of-tisdæd
  • in line with-amnéla máriÞ
  • in need of-amqveboqu
  • in relation to-am diötráte
  • in/inside/into-am/amni/amte
  • instead of-tisdéd
  • next-von
  • next to/beside-nefrædn
  • of-qve
  • on behalf of-öcra + noun or acc
  • on, onto, on top of-tevon
  • on the strength of-tevoncöla
  • opposite-stæni
  • out/out of-amø
  • outside-amøni
  • over/about the-rödn
  • over/about it-tiÞrödn
  • prior to-vonéri
  • regardless of-inspétra
  • since-sintra
  • than-nas
  • thanks to-tecenáÞrin
  • through (motion/time)-dörac
  • through, because of-qöri
  • to, to the-te
  • towards/in the direction of-tevehicamä
  • under/below-gerödn
  • until, as far as-veritöva
  • until (denoting time)-lintöni
  • up-viti
  • with-máriÞ
  • with it-mátiÞ
  • with...in mind-amcönérämös
  • without-öna
  • with that-mátaÞ

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