Dal'qörian Attributive and Predicative adjectives

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Attributive adjectives precede the noun they describe:

  • EÞöa sangtörädn esteplédrämösel. Some controlled explosions
  • Di qurnöra angaráj. The happy child.
  • Di ädøni sájel. The old men.
  • Ni qalba fléj. The black fly.

Predicative adjectives occur 'after' the noun but not immediately; they follow a verb, (normally a form of the verb to be). Again, this the same in Dalcurian:

  • Di arangáj tirigör qurnöra. The child seems happy
  • Di iádel vädenária te’vélø. The days are getting colder.

However, the adjective must still follow the verb when in conjunction with prepositional word order:

  • Di iádel, dörac Vinti, vädenária te’vélø. The days are getting colder through the winter.

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