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Dalcurian time is indicated with the 24 hour clock, and mainly denoted by the genitive case dis (see cases). There is no equivalent of am/pm. When written numerically, an uppercase s follows, which stands for stöndæel-hours. Here are some quick examples:

  • 12:15S 12:15pm
  • 4:25S 4:25am
  • 19:30S 7:30pm

When spoken:

  • pensenta dis dionsenta lit: 15 of [the hour] 12 (the word stöndæel is ommitted in speech)
  • penö'dionta dis tera lit: 25 of [the hour] 4
  • träonta dis ninasenta lit: 30 of [the hour] 19

Asking the time

There are 2 ways in which the time can be asked:

  • Vöeni? stöndæel qve iáda. lit: How many hours of today?
  • Qualasöri, andri véca? stöndæ agöentr di épø. lit: Excuse me, at which hour stands the time?

The 2nd example is a very polite way to ask (when asking strangers or peers). As with most requests or questions in Dalcurian, voice intonation rises at the end.


Depending on the manner in which you are asked, there are 2 responses. These typically emulate the style of the request:

  • Vöeni? stöndæel qve iáda. DanöÞ pensenta dis dionsenta.
    • What time is it? It's 12:15pm. lit: There are 15 of the hour 12.
  • Qualasöri, andri véca? stöndæ agöentr di épø. Yil qoÞ, di épø, andri träonta dis ninasenta, agöentr.
    • Can you tell me the time please? Certainly, the time is 7:30pm. lit: The time, at 30 of the hour 19, stands.
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