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This is Ossicone's CBB Conlang Relay torch, written in Uskra.

Uskra text

Um śi'ara'uk, ikuma sun usta ama, ira śismi'asa.
Iki sku numa ikuma sun uska ama.

Ikuma sanik ukuma iki niskra utan sku.
As nima nai sri?
As na ira mri ikuma sun uhuśika sri?

Nima 'in. Tima 'in.
Tihuśika na satakas upru.
Sakuras atrim ama pra na tima sku tima.

Ira sakas arik uska ama, iki mri tihuśika, mri sakas numa ukuma.

Smooth English

When I was flying, I wanted to make it so I (will) grow.
But possibly I wanted to find it.

I carried it to die but he speaks with anger.
Is it part of them?v And so I don't want to know that?

It is a person. You are a person.
You know and give it to everyone.
You remember it now and you are happy.

So you will be able to find it.
But if you don't know it, you have no change of dying.

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