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This is Milyamd's torch in the CBB Conlang Relay, written in Perkelen.

Perkelen text

Xiñ ñidot. Xin tiwoñña be, mosogegña xin, he satña xik gıt fabab.
Xiñ cıxebi. Beñ fıñe jowı, gıñ wigıxak, he gıñ ñi xalogetpa satin.

Cejit habña be, satña xik xıwı belendi. Beñ jowı, satin jibınña gı boxadit, ñi yim pa?
Satña xif tomocid?
Beñ xif satdi, xin nahıhapña xik satdi, wabe?

Satña powa… Bıñoñ be, wıñ satin powa.
Wabeñ be, satña wın nahıhapet. He wık nejid wınña ñici xaloget.
Xiñ cıxebi. Wıñ bek giweña, wabeñ wın geyinoset.

Ñiñ be, satña wın bıño. Hobıhañ be, gıñ katehet wın nahıhapetpa.
Habña be, satña belenet.


  • -d(i) - dative, allative
  • -(e)t - locative, instructive
  • -f(o) - ablative
  • -(i)n - genitive, possessive
  • -k(ı) - causative
  • -ñ(a) - topical
  • -pa - negation
  • be - relative pronoun
  • belen - death
  • bıño - matter
  • boxadi - anger
  • cejit - sth unlucky
  • cıxebi - sure
  • fabab - well-developed
  • fıñe - only
  • geyinos - memory
  • gı - 3 person
  • giweña - happy
  • hab - the other side
  • he - and
  • hobıha - trouble
  • jibın - words, opinion
  • jowı - possibility
  • kateh - past
  • mosogeg - substance
  • nahıhap - knowledge
  • neji - everyone
  • ñi - this, such, yes
  • ñici - proper
  • ñido - air
  • powa - family
  • pa - no, not
  • sat - 3 person plural
  • tifoc - idea
  • tiwoñ - desire
  • tomoci - far
  • wabe - truth, true
  • wı - 2 person
  • wigıxa - coincidence
  • xalog - manner, method
  • xıwı - whole, total
  • xi - 1 person
  • yim - or

Grammar notes

The language is my try on the verblessness.

It is driven by the topic-comment constructions (X is Y), where the topic (X) is optional and marked with the topical case and the comment (Y) is obligatory and can have any other endings.

The relative pronoun be represents following clause (or conjoined clauses) as a whole.

Possessives can be declined further.

Smooth English

I am a flyer, I wish I have it (a medical scent) and make them experienced by a result.
I am sure, it must be a coincidence, they could find it in such manner.

But unfortunately, I carried them all the way to the death, but suprisingly, could they talk about the idea in anger?
Did they arrive far from me?
I am sure that I would teach that idea I carry them to it, right?

They are a family, also (the point is) you are kin.
The truth is you know them, you gave it to everyone in the proper manner.
I am sure you remember, it is true that you are happy because of it.

So they are you, the problem is you didn't know the idea.
But they presumably died.

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