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Tuwiō, cu segux zjiar, fet vanct ardzjim. Ac, m Castract, na cu afeghgux zjiar. vensja Vanct zsenzji, ac m Azgwetz matgux? Yamp gux? Mo, conya Vanct zsenzjix? Pez gux. Pez fe. Confe vanct nas-pi tzīfe. Se vanct zrtsclwafe n sensina fe. Fet afeghfe na vamct fe, ac confex, ac Castract sefe na vensjgux.

I am flying, you want them to have one, so that you can grow them. But, with a chance, that you want them to search for one. I carried them to die, but why do they speak with anger? Are they distant? And, did I not carry them to know? They are people. You are people. You know you give them all. Now you remember them and you are happy. So, you search for them, but you don't know, but you have a chance that they die.

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Skógvur — Vanga — torch

nmn — Jumju — torch

Ossicone — Uskra — torch

Chagen — Pazmat — torch


Milyamd — Perkelen — torch

Xing — Wakeutorch

MrKrov — Pag-buum — torch

Maraxxus — Maxédri — torch

cedhBuruya Nzaysatorch

2-4 — Kàipói — torch

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