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This template lists which Conlang relays are currently running, like this:

Use * bullets. If no relays are to be listed, replace with the following line:

{{{1|* ''There are currently no [[Conlang relay]]s running or being planned.''}}}

If there is an active relay, we have previously used language like this:

* [[Conlang Relay 23]] has begun on the [[Relay mailing list]].

Please do not include any unfinished relays.

Conlang relay
Conlang relays: 1234567891011121314151617181919½202122232425
Forum relays: Conlingual Telephone (ZBB) • Conlanger's broken translation game 12 (Unilang) • Polish Conlang Relay (PFJ) • CBB Conlang Relay23456789101112 (CBB)
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