Conculture Relay 1

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Conculture Relay 1 was a relay run by Jeffrey Brown, which took place on the CONLANG mailing list. The results are available online here.

This relay was intended to simulate more realistic translation scenarios by requiring each participating conlang to have an associated conculture, and any translation needed to be adapted to be intelligible and relevant to that conculture's native speakers. Participants produced a list of "cultural footnotes" (sent only to the relay master) explaining how they had to adapt the text to their conculture, in addition to the usual torch and smooth English translation.

Conculture Relay 1
Jeffrey Brown — Beltöstorch

Francesco Bravin — Danan — torch

Brian Bourque — Lortho — skipped

Aneurin Underhill — Kooskeve — torch

Daniel Swanson — Sajem Tantorch

Carl Avlund — Pakan — torch

Noah Schorr — Amaktiri — torch

Chad Angell — Ælesian — skipped

Joseph Windsor — Dal'a — torch

Tony HarrisAlurhsatorch

Padraic Brown — Morcangdie — torch

Carl Miller — Classical Āirumāli — skipped

Josef Wolanczyk — Classical Salvian — torch

Enrique GamezTallfellowtorch

Jeffrey Brown — final English text
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