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PFJ (Polskie Forum Językotwórców), the Polish Conlanger is a Polish conlinguistical community, focused around the message board and the wiki.

The PFJ message board was founded in 2005. Since 2011 it is a SMF-based site, available at

It is one of the very few entirely non-English conlanging hubs.


U nas jest luz, anarchia, nooblangerzy i parę w miarę zorientowanych w temacie osób, które sprostują, kiedy ewidentnie trzeba, największe bzdury. [1]

There is ease, anarchy, nooblangers and a couple of knowledgeable people here, who will correct extreme nonsenses when evidently needed.
Silmethúlë, a user, about the Polish Conlanger; the phrase in bold would later become the motto.