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The dLCC Relay was the conlang relay for the ninth Language Creation Conference, also known as the first digital Language Creation Conference or dLCC because it was the first LCC to be held entirely over the Internet.

The relay master was Daniel Newell; this was also his first ever relay. The results of both rings were livestreamed during the conference and published to the official website (ring 1, ring 2, with supplementary audio linked on the main page and below).

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Ring 1 Ring 2
Daniel Newell — Interlingua
  • Kenan Kigunda — Zevyaudio
  • Jan Staubach — Inuk Taan
  • Joey Windsor — Dal'a
  • Andrew Orr — Dragonian
  • Matt Pearson — Okuna
  • Margaret Ransdell-Green — Karkin
  • Francesco Bravin — Danan
  • Sylvia Sotomayor — Varianam
  • Carl Avlund — Aedian
  • Jan StrasserRonc Tyu
  • Eugene Oh — Classical Arithide
  • Beverly Skinner — Shalti
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