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The LCC10 Relay was the conlang relay for the tenth Language Creation Conference. Like the dLCC, the LCC10 was held entirely over the Internet, but it was not numbered as a "digital" conference, since it was originally planned to be held in person. The conference became digital-only when a viable host could not be found.

The relay master was Kelvin Jackson a.k.a. kechpaja. There were three rings: the NoRmal Ring/Ring R, a standard conlang relay; the ConscrIpt Ring/Ring I, a conscript relay; and the SoNG Ring/Ring NG, a poetry relay with an emphasis on songs.

Despite being the relay master, Kelvin provided the text only for Ring NG, with Pete Bleackley writing an initial torch that was used for both Ring R and Ring I. With three rings and almost 40 total participants, this was the largest LCC Relay to date.

The results of all three rings were livestreamed during the conference, and Kelvin has also published the results online.

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Ring R (standard) Ring I (conscript) Ring NG (song/poetry)
Pete BleackleyKhangaþyagon Kelvin Jackson - Lullaby Language
  • Glenn Abastillas — Circle Tongue
  • Margaret Ransdell-Green — Rílin
  • +merlan #flirora — Ŋarâþ Crîþ
  • John R. Harness — Ancish
  • Kevin Rae — K'awatl'
  • Yoshimidsu — Dyngā — skipped
  • Daniel Swanson — Xanz
  • PastTheStarryVoids — Ŋ!odzäsä
  • Gabriel Swai — Archaic Arettian
  • Enrique GamezTallfellow
  • Nicolás Campi — Omonkwi
  • Yoshimidsu — Dyngā
  • Kelvin Jackson — Lullaby Language
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