Conlang Relay 19

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The Thatched Hut.jpg

Conlang Relay 19 was held by members of the relay mailing list. It started on 2012-05-17, but never finished because the final translations back into merɛ́chi are not done yet. However, part of the results are already online. The relay master was Amanda Babcock Furrow.

This relay had a unique ring where all torches are written in a conscript. Additionally, while the relay was already running, the Overflow ring was added. It was a scheduleless ring where dropouts could reënter and the next participant was determined on the fly.

The relay was dubbed the scripted relay by Fenhl when Amanda announced the relay to be nearly over, because of the relay's then-unique conscript ring and the fact that there were only minor delays up to that point. The relay progress has however been stuck on the final translations since 2012-08-08, making this relay the fourth of the Unfinished Relays.

The Thatched Hut of Dreaming of an Immortal is the flavor image for this relay.

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Amanda Babcock Furrowmerɛ́chitorch
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