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Welcome to the community portal.
This is the landing zone for people who are interested in helping out around the Wiki, or finding out what projects are ongoing here.
Want to help? Start here.
  • Pages that aren't tagged yet need tagging, to make them easier to find. Note: this may entail creating a new category to stick them under.
  • Some pages need cleaning up:
  • The list of conlangs needs to be gone through, to make sure that each conlang is tagged into the proper subcategory.
  • The concultures category is nearly empty, despite the fact that there are many concultures described on Frathwiki. The category needs to be filled out a bit more, so that the cultures will be easy to search for.
  • The information on Conlang relays is spotty and incomplete. The relays could use page-tagging as well as some fleshing-out.
  • Almost all of the pages on natlangs and natlang families on Frath are needing some love. They're half-made and full of broken links, or hardly even there. Some kind soul might make a template for them to ease navigation of them, too.
  • Speaking of templates, the conworlding stuff is rather disorganized and disjointed. If someone can find a coherent way of sticking everything together and linking it together for ease of "surfing", that'd be awesome.

Don't lose your pages!
Empty and seemingly-abandoned pages are being tagged for removal en masse. Once a page is tagged, there is usually about a two-week wait period before the page gets removed.
While no pages that are complete in themselves are being tagged for removal, it can't hurt to check the list!
Remember, it's easy to keep your pages. If you disagree with a page being marked for removal, simply edit that page and remove the tag at the top of the page.

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