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An increasing number of conlangers and world builders have now published works based on their constructed languages and cultures. Some of these are collections of short fiction, while others are series of novels, while still others are works about the art of conlanging itself. This Article is intended to be a directory of the conlang-related published works of any member of the community who wishes to advertise the fact. Be it book, e-book, short movie, song, comic, anthology or scholarly work, we want to know what it is and how we can get hold of it! Also of interest here are works about the construction of languages and alternate worlds, but written by folks outside our immediate community.

The Book Nook!

Michael Adams Michael has published a book that explores a wide variety of invented languages: From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages.

Jesse Bangs Jesse Bangs is the author of Storm Bride.

William Barton William Baron is the author of Crimson Darkness which mainly focuses on his invented language Semkanya, set on another planet, in a different dimension, 15,500 years in the future.

Chris Brown Chris has published a book of short stories which are set in The World and Ill Bethisad, Theatre of the Mind. Also available through Lulu (print) and as an ebook. Zenosia is a youth / YA novelette set in The World and is also available via Lulu.

John Woldemar Cowan John has published the grammar of the Lojban language: The Complete Lojban Language.

J.M. DeSantis J.M. has published a comic book about his other world, Chadhiyana.

Scott Hamilton

Scott is the creator of the language used by the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company.

Daniel Hicken

Dan has produced a series of short stories derived from Ill Bethisad's Space Voyage series. (No longer available).

Sarah L. Higley Sarah has published a work on St. Hildegard of Bingen: Hildegard of Bingen's Unknown Language.

Jim Hopkins Jim has published a book of poetry featuring his conlang Itlani: Eden's Day.

D. R. Merrill Lamikorda D. R. Merrill is the author of Lamiskorda, which won a spot on the 2014 Book Of The Year list for and features the Kiitra language.

Monoba Monoba (of CBB) has published a grammar of Siwa.

Ruth S. Noel Ruth has published a work of Tolkien scholarship: The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-Earth.

Arika Okrent Arika has published a book about the making of languages: In the Land of Invented Languages.

David Peterson Living Language: Dothraki was written by David, the creator of Dothraki, the language that made the television series Game of Thrones quite famous. David has also written The Art of Language Invention.

John Quijada

John is the author of the novel Beyond Antimony which features Ithkuil as a "paralinguistic interface" to a quantum computer. The novel is a sci-fi / political thriller exploring the philosophical implications of quantum physics. It is available at the bottom of any page on the Ithkuil website.


Reyzadren published several books, written entirely in griuskant.

Stephen D. Rogers A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages was published by Stephen. It is a handy little dictionary that lists a large number of invented languages with short descriptions.

Mark Rosenfelder

Mark has published several guides to the construction of languages and worlds, for those looking for a more step-by-step approach. The Language Construction Kit (book) The Language Construction Kit (ebook) and its condensed version.

Advanced Language Construction.jpg Advanced Language Construction The Planet Construction Kit.

David Tait

David has published an engaging collection of essays on the art of glossopoetry. On Glossopoetics: A Collection of Essays on Language As Art is available in paperback and kindle.

Lorinda J. Taylor

Lorinda has published a series of novels detailing the adventures of an exo-linguist making first contact with a race of intelligent termites. They are available through Amazon and also Smashwords. The Termite Queen vol 1: The Speaking of the Dead The Termite Queen vol 2: The Wound that Has No Healing. The Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head vol 1: The War of the Stolen Mother. Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder (book); and Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder (ebook).

Alistair Young

Alistair has published two books about his Eldraeverse: Vignettes of the Star Empire (book) and [[1] ebook]. A work of (short fiction & metafiction). The Core War and Other Stories (book) and [2] (as Kindle e-book)]

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