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This page is a list of mailing lists where conlanging and/or conculturing etc. are on-topic. (A list of nat-stuff too, as a resource for a posteriori creators?)

This list is woefully incomplete, please contribute to it.

Constructed language mailing lists

  • CONLANG mailing list
    CONLANG is probably the largest constructed language list out there. The listserv imposes a limit of 100 messages a day (which is occasionally reached) and there is a per-user limit of 5 messages a day to keep traffic down. Auxlang advocacy is off-topic.
  • AUXLANG mailing list
    AUXLANG was split off of CONLANG to provide a place for specific auxlang concerns.
  • relay mailing list
    Officially “translation relays and related stuff”, this is where most conlang relays were organized in the past. Newer relays are increasingly moving to FrathWiki, but being subscribed to the list still can't hurt if you don't want to miss anything relay–related.
  • West Asian Conlangs Yahoogroup
    A group for conlangs based on Turkic, Iranian, or Afro-Asiatic languages (or other languages of West Asia and North Africa).

Constructed culture lists

  • Conculture Yahoogroup
    A general conculture group split off of CONLANG.
  • The Ill Bethisad Wiki
    A wiki devoted to discussion of all the languages, cultures and histories of the world that has grown out of the Brithenig Project.

Natural language lists

Message Boards


IRC Channels

  • ##conlang - The IRC channel ##conlang on Freenode
  • #ConLang - The IRC channel #ConLang on EFNet
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