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Many ingenious people have created software tools for conlanging. In addition to this, a number of programs not originally intended for conlanging can be put to great use when creating languages. This article aims to become a comprehensive list of useful conlanging software available on the internet.

General guides to conlanging

All-purpose software

  • SIL FieldWorks - a software suite for professional linguists
  • PolyGlot by Draque (Conlang creation software with dictionary, auto conjugation functionality, grammar guide, and recordable sound examples)
  • Conlang Dictionary by faiuwle (usable, but many features are still to come)
  • Computerized Conlang Creator Project by (mainly) Praesidium and Jotomicron (probably a dead project?)

Word generators


Downloadable to run offline

Documents describing techniques

Sound change appliers

Vocabulary managers

Syntax tools

Corpus analyzers

  • by Jim Henry -- finds frequency of words and phrases in one or more text files
  • The Frequentizer by Jan Strasser -- finds frequency of phonemes in a text corpus

Translation exercises

Free Unicode fonts

  • SIL TypeTuner Web Fonts2Go. Customizable versions of SIL Unicode fonts with glyph variants and more, e.g. if you want a wedge-shaped caron on d, l, t or a different glyph for uppercase Ŋ. Most (all?) of these variants are available as OpenType or Graphite features e.g. with XeLaTeX but a custom font is easier to work with and can be used anywhere.

Keyboard Layout editors

Font editors


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